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Help! I can't log in/my page is stuck
Help! I can't log in/my page is stuck

can't log in, link won't work, stuck, error, bug, blocked, locked out, MyAlpha

Updated over a week ago

In order to determine if there is a glitch with the website, email or with your device, could you please try a few things first? This might also clear the issue.

1 - Please use a laptop to log in (not iPad or phone).

2 - Try a different browser (if using Chrome, try Firefox or Safari).

To find out which browser you are using, please look at the right or left of your taskbar and there is usually an icon that indicates the browser.

3 - Clear your cache or browsing history first. Sometimes computers will remember old webpage links but they have been updated. Click on your browser type to find out how to do this: Chrome | Safari | Firefox | Edge

4 - Check that third-party cookies are not blocked (especially if using Edge): info here

5 - Make sure there is no space after your email address. Sometimes this happens if you use the autofill on your computer or phone.

If you're still unable to access what you need, please send an email to our Support Team at and we will make sure you have access to the resources you need. Thanks for your patience with this! 🙂

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