How do I share resources with my team?

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If you're the primary Alpha leader who registered the course, you can add team members' emails into the "Team" section of your Alpha. Then they will have access to the videos, small group questions, promo material and more! To add team members, here are the steps:

1 - Log in and click into the white box with your Alpha name to open up the next page. You should see 5 tabs at the top: What's Next, Schedule, Promote, Materials, Team

2 -  Click on the "Team" tab (5th tab in the top menu).

3 - Click "Invite team members" in the top right-hand corner.
4 - Add your team member's email (or separate multiple emails with a comma) and then press "Invite."

That's it! Your team member will receive an email with an invitation to join your Alpha. After they click on the button in the email "Login to MyAlpha" they will be asked to create a Team Member account if they don't already have one. (more info here)

Table hosts & helpers can log in using their own email address and password; then they will have access to all the resources!

Note: If your host/helper shows up as a "Course Administrator" in your Team section, it is because that's the role they chose when they created their own account (eg. maybe they hosted a Home Alpha with friends in past years). Please ignore the role in the Team section. They are all hosts & helpers.

What should I do if my team member did not receive the email invitation?

In the "Team" tab, look under "pending" invitations. You can see if your team has not yet accepted your invitation. Click on the 3 dots beside the email address to "resend invitation."

Sometimes, there is a typo in the email address. If so, simply click on "remove team member" and then add the correct email address!

Note: If you are a Course Administrator, please do NOT add yourself as a Team Member. That will change your access level and you will no longer have access to leader features. (Let us know if you did this by mistake; we can help!)

If you have any questions at all or have suggestions about how we can improve our system, please send us a message using the chatbox on our website or email us at

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