How do I change my course details?

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After creating your Alpha (registering your course), you can still change a few things around and update your info. Here are the steps below:

1 - Click on "Edit Alpha Details"

To change your Alpha details, please log in and click on "Edit Alpha Details" in the top right corner of your Alpha. You can change your Alpha name, start date & time, video series, location, and public information.

2 - To update the name of your Alpha

If you choose to promote your Alpha on the website, this is the name that will be listed for the public to see. We recommend using the word "online" in your Alpha name if the course will be completely held online (e.g., Alpha Online with the Kranks).

3 - To change video series

If you decided to switch videos (eg. youth vs adults), please click on the arrow under "Series being used" and a dropdown box will appear with options. Choose the video series and click "save changes."

You can only choose ONE set of videos at a time because all the guides, handouts, and materials will correspond to that specific video series.

4 - To change Course Contact info / Post online

If your Alpha is open to everyone, be sure to fill out the "Publish to Guests" section so that people can find the info on the Try Alpha page and sign up.

When guests sign up, you will receive an email notification. Then you can send them more info (e.g. exact address, Zoom link, parking info, etc.)

If you choose to keep your Alpha private (eg. Home Alpha), click on the circle beside "Publish to Alpha" to uncheck the defaulted checkmark. Then click SAVE.

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