How can I change the dates in my schedule?

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CLICK HERE to watch the tutorial video clip and/or read the steps below:

Alpha leaders can log in to change the dates of a currently running Alpha. If you're a team member, please ask your Alpha leader to do this (they have access).

Note: The first 6 sessions are locked in this recommended order since these are foundational talks and build upon the previous ones. You can change the dates but not the order.

1 - To find your Alpha Schedule

First, click on your Alpha title to open the next page. Then click on the Schedule tab to open up this page. Here you'll find our recommended order of talks for the best Alpha experience. 

2 - To choose a different session date

Click on the "calendar" icon on the right side of each session in the list. A calendar will pop-up and you can choose the date of your training, Alpha weekend/day and each Alpha session. (Only Course Administrators can change the Alpha dates.)

3 - If the calendar dates are greyed out...

The Alpha weekend "block" only allows weekend dates. If you would like to choose a weekday date, just "drag and drop" the sessions outside the weekend block.

4 - Check your Alpha end date!

Please check the date of your last session ("What About the Church?")! After this date, your Alpha will move to the "completed Alphas" and you won't have access to the resources anymore. Please adjust this date if your Alpha is running longer than expected!

Top Tip 👍 If you do not have access to your Alpha course anymore, please contact us and we would be happy to extend your end date.

If you still have questions, please connect with us through the chatbox on our website (bottom right hand corner) or email us at

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