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Intro to Alpha Basics
How do I register? How do I create an Alpha?
How do I register? How do I create an Alpha?

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For full access to the training videos, weekly Alpha videos, and other resources, the primary Alpha leader needs to create an Alpha each season. Hosts & helpers can be added to the Team section. Here is the link to register each course:

For an overview, watch the video below and/or for detailed information, scroll down to see the steps and definitions.

Step 1 -  Please log in using your email address (or create an account if not done yet):

Step 2 - Click on the red "Create an Alpha" button to register your Alpha course.

Step 3 - You will be asked five simple questions. Here is an explanation of each one:

1. Who is your Alpha for?

Anyone / Youth (13-18) / Young Adults (19-30) / Seniors (65+) / Not sure yet

If your group is a mix, please choose "Anyone (all ages)" in the list.

2. Are you running Alpha in-person, online, or both?

  • Online: Meet only on Zoom or other video conferencing system

  • In-Person: Meet at a physical location together each week

  • Both: Meet on Zoom and in person

3. Would you like to give live talks, use videos, or do a bit of both?

  • Video: The Alpha videos will be shown each week for the teaching

  • Live: A speaker will present the talks live using the scripts

  • Both: A mix of Alpha videos and a live speaker for some sessions

4. Is your Alpha for any specific context?

This is not the location; it's referring to the people group.

Catholic / High School / Prisons / Military / Workplace / ESOL / None

5. What language are you running your Alpha in?

If you are running Alpha in two languages, please register two separate Alphas. When you register a course, please click on "see more languages" to see all the options for Alpha videos in different languages (more info here).

Our system will recommend the best Alpha series for you based on your selection. You can scroll down to "Choose another resource" if you'd prefer to use a different series.

Step 4 - Finalize the details of your Alpha!

ALPHA NAME: Choose a name to identify each course. If you promote your Alpha on the website, this is the name that will be listed for the public to see. (eg. Alpha at Tim Hortons, Alpha Online for Youth)

START DATE & TIME: If your details are not confirmed yet, you can add an estimated date and adjust this later.

LOCATION: For in-person Alphas, please type in the address and use the dropdown box to choose the exact location. If your Alpha is online, please add the city & province.

CHURCH: Even if your Alpha is not run in a church, please add which church you usually attend. This helps us track who is running Alpha in homes, coffee shops, etc. and if there are any trends or patterns with specific churches. Sometimes there are 4 or 5 people from the same church running Home Alphas!

PUBLISH TO GUESTS: If your Alpha is open to everyone, fill out this section and make sure the "Publish to Alpha" circle is checkmarked. Your course will show up in the Try Alpha directory and people can sign up. When guests sign up, you will receive an email notification and you can send them more info (eg. address, parking info, or Zoom link, etc.)

Note: If your Alpha is private or a closed group, or if your start date is not yet confirmed, uncheck the "Publish to Alpha" circle. Your Alpha will not show up on the website for guests to find.

That's it! You're done. 🎉 When you're happy with all the details, click "Create Alpha" at the bottom of the page and you'll see a page with all your resources. You now have access to all the Alpha videos, training videos, small group questions, guest invitations and more. It's all free online! (Info about set up & key resources here.)

If you are running an Alpha outside Canada, please register with your country's Alpha website to receive the best support for your context:

After you register a course ("Create an Alpha") you will have access to the following materials all for free:

  • Promotional materials (guest invitations, posters, banners, etc)

  • All the Alpha videos to download and save to your computer

  • 2 team training videos (Small Groups + Prayer and the Alpha Weekend)

  • Team Guide with small group discussion questions for each week

  • Guest Guide with video outline for each week

  • Sample schedules and checklists to help you plan and prepare

  • Info sheets for hosts and helpers

    And more!

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