All the videos and handouts are available online for free, but there are some costs to consider which will depend on how many people you plan to host. A Home Alpha with 8 people will have less expenses than a full-scale church Alpha with 50 people. Once you decide on the location and estimate size of your Alpha, here are some decisions that will impact your expenses:

Promoting Alpha:
Do you want to promote in-person, one to one, and digitally (no cost)?
Do you want to use a print shop for guest invitations, posters, banners?
Watch the 3-minute training video for ideas to include Alpha in the church. 

Food on Alpha:
Will you need one person cooking the whole meal (6-8 guests)?
Will you need a team of people cooking the meals each week?
Are there any restaurants donating to your Alpha?
Watch the 3-minute training video about Hospitality for some great ideas.

Alpha weekend:
Will you be using someone's home or another church (no cost)?
Will you be staying overnight at a retreat centre?
Watch the 3-minute training video about the Alpha Time Away for more ideas.

Books / Handouts:
The Team Guide & Guest Guide are both available online for free (log in here) and you can print the handouts for each week. Or if you prefer hardcopy books, you can purchase them from or from your local Christian bookstore for about $12 each.

If you still have questions, we'd love to help you out! Please connect with us through live chat or email us at

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