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The Alpha Weekend is an opportunity for guests to have the unhurried time, space, and environment needed to process and reflect on what they have been learning.

Besides watching four Alpha videos about the Holy Spirit, relationships are deepened and lives are impacted by specific times of prayer. The Alpha weekend retreat takes place right after week 7 about God's guidance (or week 6 for Alpha for Youth).

Top Tip 👍 We always want to show the videos about the Holy Spirit before the video about evil. This sequence is strategic as we want Alpha guests to feel confident in the power and protection of God before learning about Satan and spiritual warfare. This is a key reason why the retreat is not at the end of Alpha.

Alpha Weekend In Person:

1 - Discuss the Prayer & the Alpha Weekend video (30 min) with your whole team and spend some time in prayer together.

2 - Read through the Alpha Team Guide for 3 keys to praying with guests and for a list of Bible verses that you can use to pray with guests (page 23).

4 - Log in & watch Best Practices for Prayer Ministry (4 min) for great tips.

5 - Plan & customize your Alpha Weekend/Day Schedule (3-day schedule here).

Top Tip 👍 If you are doing an Alpha Day instead of a full weekend, one idea is to show only 3 of the 4 videos on your Alpha Day and then add an extra week to your Alpha to show the last weekend video!

* Please log in to MyAlpha to see more Alpha Weekend resources and schedules!

Alpha Weekend Online:

Please log in to MyAlpha to access these and even more resources!

Weekend location ideas:

- Swap spaces with a local church for a different atmosphere.

- Go to a friend's house if they have a large living room or lounge space.

- See if your local community centre has a private room to rent (for Alpha Day).

- Book a retreat centre nearby—close enough for guests to drive back & forth if they can't stay overnight.

- Check with local camps, universities, and Bible colleges; some rent out their cabins or dorms in the off-season.

- Ask your Alpha leaders if someone has a condo amenity room to rent out for an Alpha Day.

Alpha Weekend Intake Form

Here is a sample digital intake form (eg. use Google Forms) that you can customize. This will encourage guests to sign up. Be sure to include info about payment!

1. First & last name:

2. Email Address:

3. Do you have any dietary needs or restrictions? If yes, please add details below:

4. Is there someone you would prefer to room with? (not guaranteed)

5. Please list any special needs for mobility or sleep issues.

6. Are you able to pick up and drive people to the retreat centre (and park there)?

  • Yes, I can drive people.

  • No, I will need a ride.

  • I will arrange my own transportation.

7. If you chose "yes" above and can drive people to the retreat centre, how many passengers can fit in your car (with luggage)?

8. If driving, which area will you be coming from so that we can arrange for you to pick up people? (eg. North Vancouver, South Burnaby)

9. If you need a ride, where will you need to be picked up from? (address please)

10. Which activities are you interested in joining at the retreat? (check all that apply)

  • Hiking or walking

  • Board Games

  • Hot tub / Swimming

  • Frisbee Golf (discs)

  • Wall climbing - for a fee

  • Water sports (kayak etc) for a fee

(Please include information about the retreat fee, payment options and subsidies if provided.)

Chat with an Alpha Coach! If you have questions about your Alpha Day or Weekend, or need help with dates or schedules, our Alpha Coaches would be happy to help you! Book a call here:

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