Where can I find training?

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Training is one of Alpha's 7 best practices and integral to a successful Alpha. Browse through the four options below and let us know if you still have questions or need help finding anything.

1 - Team Training

If you have a current Alpha registered, please log in to MyAlpha and click on the course title on your dashboard to open up the next page.

In the "Series Materials" section, you can find the training videos on the left and the Team Guide on the right side. The videos explain how Alpha works and how to facilitate small groups and prayer ministry (approx 30 minutes each). The Team Guide includes the discussion questions for each week.

Top Tip: To save paper and extra costs, share this digital link with your table hosts and leaders: alphacanada.org/teamguide. To print the weekly handout or purchase the Team Guide, please click here for more info.

2 - Additional Training (Learning Centre)

After you log in to MyAlpha, you can find the Learning Centre in the sidebar to the left. These are additional video clips (3-4 minutes each) and articles with best practices to run a great Alpha. These videos cannot be downloaded.

Top Tip: To get started, we recommend the 7 Best Practices videos for ideas about hospitality, team unity, great discussions, Alpha weekend tips and more!

3 - Alpha Webinars & Masterclass

Our free webinars are designed to equip and train Alpha leaders, hosts and helpers. We'll help you find creative solutions to run great Alphas whether online or in person.

Join one of our webinars: alphacanada.org/events

Past webinar recordings: click here

The Masterclass series is for those who have been running Alpha for a while and want to take it to the next level: alphacanada.org/masterclass

4 - Support & Help Desk

Alpha Coaches: If you're running an Alpha, thinking about running Alpha, or would like to discuss how Alpha could fit into your evangelism strategy, we invite you to book a free one-on-one coaching call. alphacanada.org/coaching

Digital Support Team: If you need help finding resources or have a question about Alpha product or systems, please send us an email or use the chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of our website and our Support Team will be happy to help you out!

The Leadership Conference will be held May 6-7, 2024 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. It is hosted by Alpha International.

If you'd like to sit with other Canadians, please contact Jen Brandsma for the special Seating Code.

Then when you register on the UK website, please select "Band A - Stalls" and use the special Seating Code.

You must click the box that says "share personal information" so that we can give you updates about the Canadian Gathering in the UK.

For questions & info, please contact:

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