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Where do I find the participant handouts (Guest Guide)?
Where do I find the participant handouts (Guest Guide)?

Alpha Guest Manual, print out, outline, book, handout

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The Alpha Guest Guide includes the key points for each week, Bible verses covered in the video, and a list of books about various Christian topics in the "Recommended Reading" section. It is available as a full booklet and as individual weekly pdfs.

Weekly PDFs

2 pages

Please log in to MyAlpha to print each individual weekly session (found in the "What's Next" section). You can attach the PDF to an email if you send weekly reminders to your guests (start date, time, details, etc.).

Hardcopy books*

83 pages

You can purchase books from your local Christian bookstore,,, or HarperCollins (approx $13).

Digital link

To save paper and money, share this mobile link with your Alpha guests:

Complete Team Guide PDF

To download the whole book, please log in and click on the "Series Materials" section. Look for the Alpha Guest Guide FULL. (There is no Guest Guide for Alpha Youth.)

Top Tip 👍 Our recommendation is to print the individual Weekly PDFs (booklet format, 2-sided) and/or put the discussion questions on a projector screen.

eg. You can print 50 copies and see how many guests take one on the first night and how many are left over. Some guests don't want paper copies.

*The downside of providing the entire hardcopy Guest Guide is that participants might forget to bring the book back each week.

To print the weekly pdfs, please use the following settings (example only):

Pages to print: All; Page Sizing: Booklet, Both sides; Orientation: Portrait.

This will allow the cover to be on the front when you fold the sheet in half.

(You can also choose not to print the cover page to save ink.)

We use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software which is free to download (the paid Pro version is NOT needed for this).

The Alpha Guest Guide includes:

  • topic outline and notes for each week

  • Bible verses & some quotes from the video

  • prayer of invitation (Week 4 Faith, pg 26)

  • testimony tips (Week 9 Tell Others, pg 74)

  • Recommended reading, list of books

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