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If you're looking for info about how to run Alpha online, how to use Zoom, tips for video calls, team roles, etc., you can find this in the Learning Centre. Be sure to log in first to use the quick links in the titles below:

  1. Alpha Online Complete Guide
    A walkthrough of each step including access to the videos, scheduling Zoom meetings, creating a guest registration form, choosing your team, inviting guests, etc.

  2. Video Tutorial: Running Alpha Using Zoom (4 min)
    Prepare - physical environment, resources, internet connection
    Welcoming Guests - use video, technical host, icebreakers
    Sharing Video - using Zoom, screen share, using breakout rooms

  3. 10 Tips for Video Calls (article)
    Image quality, internet connection, lights, angle, background, software, microphone, notes.

  4. Team Roles for Online Alphas
    Prayer Team, MC, Technical Help, Hosts & Helpers
    (and/or watch the video here: Team Training & Roles)

  5. Icebreakers for Online Alphas
    Fun questions to get to know your group!
    (or click here for icebreakers for each week)

Please log in to MyAlpha and click on the "Learning Centre" to access these resources and the other modules to run a great Alpha!

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