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Where can I get the small group questions? (Leaders Guide)
Where can I get the small group questions? (Leaders Guide)

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The Alpha Team Guide includes notes for the two Team Training videos, administrator check list and small group discussion questions for each week, and a list of books under the "Recommended reading" section. Here are a few options to access this resource:

Weekly PDFs

2 pages

Please log in to MyAlpha to view or download each individual weekly session (found in the "What's Next" section). We will also email you each week with the resources you need for your next session (more info here).

Hardcopy books*

80 pages

You can purchase them from, Indigo, HarperCollins, or from your local Christian bookstore (approx. $12). Look for SKU: 9781938328886 (2017 version).

Digital link

To save paper and money, share this link with your team:
Alpha Team Guide / Youth Discussion Guide

(the small group questions are in this booklet)

Complete Team Guide


To download the whole book, please log in and click on the "Series Materials" section. Look for the Alpha Team Guide FULL or Youth Discussion Guide FULL. The discussion questions are inside these leader guides.

Top Tip 👍 Our recommendation is to print the individual Weekly PDFs (booklet format, 2-sided) and/or put the discussion questions on a projector screen.

*The downside of providing the entire hardcopy Team Guide is that team members might forget to bring the book back each week.

To print the weekly Team Guide pdfs (no cover page) as a half page, please use the following settings (example only): Pages to print: All, Page Sizing: Booklet, Booklet subset: Both sides, Orientation: Portrait.

We use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software which is free to download (the paid Pro version is NOT required for this).

The Alpha Team Guide includes:

  • Notes for Team Training video #1 "Small Groups" (pg 12-19)

  • Notes for Team Training video #2 "Prayer & the Weekend" (pg 20-27)

  • Typical Alpha session schedule (pg 28-29)

  • Recommended reading, list of books (pg 30)

  • Administrator reminders and each week's topic & key concept

  • Small group discussion questions for each week

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