Is team training needed every year?

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Imagine if your favourite hockey team said, "...but we did training LAST year...!"  😊

Each time you run Alpha, do team training! It's a time for team "building" not only training. Yes, getting together with your team is essential each and every time you run Alpha and is absolutely vital to a successful Alpha.

Ask previous small group leaders to share their best advice for newbies. Think about creative ways to make the meeting fun and interesting! Use an icebreaker question to get people talking. End with prayer (prayer topics here).

Top Tip 💡 Ideally, your training session will model an Alpha session--with a meal or snack, training video, then discussion (and don't forget prayer!).

Team training...

  • Helps people catch the vision and heart of Alpha

  • Encourages friendship as people laugh and work together

  • Promotes a culture of unity, collaboration and sharing best practices

  • Builds trust and a sense of belonging

  • Increases team spirit, participation, enthusiasm and loyalty

  • Equips hosts & helpers with skills needed to facilitate great discussions

  • Provides support and a safe place to ask questions and share concerns

  • Models Christ-like character, leadership and teamwork

    For Alpha Leaders: 5 Characteristics of Healthy Teams

Top Tip 💡 Consider joining with another local Alpha church and doing team training together (online or in person). Have a BBQ or potluck together, then watch the videos and discuss them. Learning is always more fun together!

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