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I’m a student and want to run Alpha for my friends. How do I get started?
I’m a student and want to run Alpha for my friends. How do I get started?

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Lots of students are running Alpha for their friends in coffee shops, homes, schools and wherever young people get together.

1 - Log in and register your Alpha

It's simple to create an Alpha and then you'll have access to the training videos, Alpha talks, and info sheets specifically for student-led Alphas. Add other leaders and helpers in the "Team" section so they have access too!

2 - Watch the training videos
After you log in, you can find the training videos in the "Series Materials" section on the left hand side. And if you like details, here is a checklist for student-led Alphas that you can use to plan your Alpha (eg. get people to help you, ask permission if needed, invite friends and pray for them): Student-led Alpha checklist

3 - Invite your friends!

Here's a fun video trailer to watch & share: Alpha for Youth

After you log in, you can find more promotional materials like social media images, guest invitations, poster and banner images to print, etc. Invite all your friends!

The NEW Alpha Youth Series will be available in Nov/Dec 2024! Many youth groups are running the 4-week Life on Purpose series in the fall to prepare students to invite their friends to Alpha for Youth starting in January 2025.

We recommend that you use the new Alpha Youth Series in January 2025. Sign up here for updates and to be the first to know when the series is released.

If you have any questions, feel free to book a chat with an Alpha Coach:
or use the chatbox in the bottom right corner of the Alpha website

and our team will be happy to help you out!

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