Where do guests sign up for Alpha?

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Updated over a week ago

Option 1 - Alpha guests can join an Alpha by visiting tryalpha.ca and typing in their city. The "filter" option allows them to see specific options (day of week, time range, language, distance, etc). See screenshot below.

Please share the tryalpha.ca website with potential guests.

After guests click into a specific Alpha block, they can add their name and email to sign up to attend. This will send an email to the Alpha contact person (more info here). The Alpha contact person can then email Alpha guests with the start date, time, and any key details to join the discussion with the group (see sample welcome email here).

Here is a SAMPLE of the "filter" options on the tryalpha.ca website:

For more info about adding "Notes" to your Alpha course details, please click here.

Option 2 - Create your own Guest Registration form (using Google Forms, Wufoo, Zoom etc) for guests to sign up to your specific Alpha course: more info here

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