Both Alpha leaders and team members can download all the videos, small group questions and other materials for your active Alpha! (Alpha leaders need to add Team Members first.) The watermarked videos are for the public to preview but once you create an Alpha, you'll have access to the videos with no watermark.

1 - When Alpha leaders create an Alpha with a start date, your Alpha becomes "active!" It will become inactive according to the "end date" that you assign in your Schedule. 

2 - Once you're logged in, click on the "Series Materials" tab to download videos, training, team handouts, etc. (Or click on "Promote" for promotional material.)

3 - Click on the titles of each video or document to download it. Depending on your computer settings, the file will either go to your "download" folder or you will be asked where to save the file.

Need subtitles?

There are also subtitles available for many of the videos. The default audio will always be the same language that the Alpha is being run in; however, you can use the dropdown box to see what other options are available. (e.g. English audio with Dutch subtitles).

Depending on your computer settings, the videos will either download to your computer, or you'll be asked where to save them (more info here).

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