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How do I find and download the promotional materials?
How do I find and download the promotional materials?

postcard, insert, posters, banners, videos, invite, cards

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If you have a current Alpha registered, both Alpha leaders and team members can log in and access all the promotional materials. Team members need to be added first.

Please note: Alpha Canada provides over 50 templates for you to share digitally or to print (in house, at a local print shop, or through an online printing service). We do not print, sell, or ship promotional resources. We're here to help if you have any questions. 👍

1 - Click on the title of your Alpha course to open the next page. You'll see tabs at the top. Click on the "Promote" tab and then choose one of the categories:

​      Popular - commonly used materials
​      Promote to Church - inspire your church to invite people to Alpha
​      Promote to Guests - invite guests to Alpha with this promo

2 - Click on the arrow on the right-hand side of each promo item to download the zip file or video. You do not need special software to download a zip file but your computer might ask you to confirm this action.

Your file will be saved according to your default computer settings. If you can't find the file after you've downloaded it, here is an article to help you find the downloaded file.

3 - For videos, you can download the SD or HD files and/or use the video share link to copy the URL (eg. if you want to copy & paste the video share link in an email).

4 - For guest invitations, postcards, and banners, please contact your local print shop. You can send them the digital files, and they can provide estimate costs and delivery time. If you use an online printing service, the cost might be slightly higher but the delivery time is often shorter (e.g. Vistaprint).

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