How can I watch or preview the videos?

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1 - If you're not logged in to MyAlpha, you can still browse through our videos on our Preview the Alpha Talks page. This is a public page where anyone can preview the resources and decide if they want to run an Alpha.

2 - You can log in to MyAlpha and see even more resources (even before you register an Alpha course)! After you log in, click on the "Preview Resources" section on the left-hand sidebar:

In the "Preview Resources" section you will find:

  • each video series & episode to watch all the way through

  • the running time of each video

  • the number of weeks each series takes to run

  • the number of sessions for each series

  • the languages each course is available in

Visit the "Learning Centre" to see short video clips

and info sheets of Alpha best practices and top tips!

3 - If you plan to run Alpha but have not registered your Alpha yet, please click on the red "Run this Series" button (or the button below) and it will take you to the Create an Alpha page. Only the primary Alpha leader needs to create an Alpha, not team members.

After you register a course ("Create an Alpha") you will have access to:

  • Promotional materials (guest invitations, posters, banners, etc)

  • All the Alpha videos to download and save to your computer

  • 2 team training videos (Small Groups + Prayer and the Alpha Weekend)

  • Team Guide with small group discussion questions for each week

  • Guest Guide with video outline for each week

  • Sample schedules and checklists to help you plan and prepare

  • Info sheets for hosts and helpers

    And more!

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