What is the Life Shared Series?

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The Life Shared Series is 4 videos designed to help Christians who would like to share their faith more but feel a bit intimidated and unsure of what to say. The videos include inspirational stories and creative ways to show God's love to others.

The series is designed to spark conversation, prayer, and action leading up to an Alpha launch or a moment of invitation in your church (e.g. Christmas/Easter services).

The 4 videos can be used for any small group and/or as a weekend workshop. All the discussion questions are all free and downloadable!

Included in the free downloadable package:

  • Promotional Trailer Video (2 minutes)

  • Promotional Slide (for PPT etc)

  • Leaders Discussion Guide

  • Group Discussion Guide

  • 4 Session Videos (each 15 minutes)

For more information and to download the Life Shared Series, please visit alphacanada.org/lifesharedseries

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