Getting the word out about your Alpha course can be accomplished in several creative ways. You can download our promo videos, images, posters, guest invitations, and more! Here are some ways that churches across Canada are inviting their neighbours to Alpha!

Churches in action:

1. PRAY for the people God has put on your heart to invite. Organize an Alpha Prayer Team who will pray before, during, and after the Alpha course. (see 5 Tips to Inviting)

“We have tried many marketing tools but none have compared to the results of people praying for, then accompanying the ones that God has prepared for them to bring.” (Scott, Barrie, ON)

2. Personally invite a friend to Alpha by sharing how it has impacted your life (don't send a mass email). Year after year, 86% of guests say they attended Alpha because of a personal invitation. (watch the video here)

3. Hand out Alpha business card invitations with course info.

"We printed the business card-sized Alpha invitations...and leave these cards all over the place. We had one person attend because she found a card blowing around on the muddy ground following a village Canada Day festival. She picked it up and phoned!” (Merrilyn, Kingston, ON)

4. Post your Alpha info on Facebook. Use the free images in MyAlpha specifically for Facebook ("landscape images") and post the Alpha Film Series trailer with your Alpha start date and registration link.

5. Email previous Alpha guests and encourage them to invite one other person. Share the video "Who will you invite?" to inspire them (in the MyAlpha Promote section).

6. Create a culture of invitation at church by preaching and teaching about hospitality and reaching those who are far from God.

7. Empower your church community to catch the vision by sharing Alpha video stories (free in the MyAlpha Promote section).

8. Share and "like" the Alpha Canada Facebook posts -

9. Run the Life Shared Series with your whole church and encourage each person to invite just one person to the next Alpha.

10. Turn your Sunday morning service into a “pilot run” of Alpha with leaders and church members, so they know what Alpha is all about and they will feel comfortable inviting their friends to the next Alpha.

11. Send a personalized email to individual friends about the next Alpha course and invite them to join you for one night (no pressure)! Include the website so they can see what Alpha is all about.

12. If you use Twitter, tweet about your next Alpha! Mention @AlphaCanada.

13. Include Alpha info in your personal blog (if you have one)!

14. Empower students to run Alpha for their friends! (Yes, they CAN do it!) Visit the MyAlpha website for inspiring stories about teens who ran Alpha.

15. Target specific groups to create a common bond. Host an Alpha during the week for a Mom & Tots Alpha in the park, host a Fitness Alpha Saturday morning group, or host an Alpha at work or at a pub after work!

16. Host an Alpha Sunday. Show the first Alpha video to your whole church and break into small groups for discussion. Explain the purpose of Alpha and encourage them to start praying for someone who is far from God.

17. Advertise Alpha in your church announcements well in advance so people can start inviting people to the next Alpha.

18. Hang an outdoor Alpha banner (9 X 4 feet, horizontal) outside your church with a website link for more info. Download the free graphics online and send them to your local print shop or online printer.

19. Ask your Senior Church Pastor/Lead Pastor to personally invite the church to be part of Alpha. If he/she endorses Alpha and talks about it, people are more likely to join the team and attend the course!

20. Promote Alpha in the other departments and ministries of the church. Invite parents from the Kids Club to take Alpha. Invite water baptism members. Encourage all small groups to go through Alpha.

21. Post Alpha stories and invitations on Instagram. Use the MyAlpha Instagram images in the Promote section. Use the "square" images and/or "portrait" images for Instagram Stories. Follow

22. Promote your Alpha and start date on the front page of your church website (see the Alpha branding guidelines in MyAlpha).

23. Launch a new Alpha course in the community--in a community park, local coffee shop, pub, etc. (Please adhere to your province's COVID restrictions.)

24. Run Alpha as part of your Sunday School curriculum for youth, young adults and adults. Then host an Alpha and encourage everyone to invite one friend to join!

Community advertising:

25. Alpha posters! Download & customize online image (in Promote section). Customize them with your church and course info, and post them everywhere that is legal. Libraries, community centres, laundromats, coffee shops, etc.

26. City bus tailgates. Yes, you can rent out space to promote Alpha!

“We have about 5 or 6 churches joining us on a multi-prong ad campaign that includes the tailboards and a couple of radio stations. We are hoping and praying this will raise awareness regarding Alpha in our city.” (Ty, Saskatoon, SK)

27. TV commercial ads. Pricey – yes – but it has been done!

28. Radio station ads. Email for info about advertising Alpha on radio.
“We went to our local Rogers TV station to tell them what Alpha is all about. We talked about the 9-5 job, trials in life, relationships, what we want to do with all of this etc. We invited the public to join our Alpha group and told them everyone is welcome. This went out to all the city of Barrie, Ontario!" (Doris, Barrie, ON)

29. Work with other churches in your area! Churches working together sends a powerful message of unity. There is strength in numbers (and finances and leadership).

30. Partner with local shops. Ask if you can drop off some Alpha business-card invitations or posters, and your church will promote their coffee/restaurant/shop business card.

31. Host an Alpha booth in your local shopping mall. Why not? The banks do it, cell phone providers and tax return assistance. Get permission from Mall Management first!

32. Alpha promo on city billboards. Include the website.

33. Alpha promo on transit (bus, rail, passenger ferries and planes). Consider digital ads, wall murals, interior posters, etc.

Community events:

34. Old-fashioned door-to-door blitz. Customize the Alpha postcards, print and distribute them to every mailbox in your neighbourhood. (Note: Please do NOT tuck promo in car windshields!)

35. Free Community BBQ with Alpha sign up opportunity

[Pre-COVID] “Every September, we have a free Community BBQ. Last time, the youth distributed 4700 flyers and we put up Alpha posters on telephone poles and other strategic spots. We also held a “Lucky Draw” which really appealed to the Asian community (rather than 'Door Prizes').” (Nancy and Murray, Scarborough, ON)

36. Host a family-related seminar or course such as the free Marriage Course or Pre-Marriage Course and invite them to Alpha after the course is over.

37. Combine a Community Service Day with Alpha promo. Rake leaves, mow lawns, weed gardens, remove garbage – no donation accepted. Only 1 Alpha invitation in exchange for service.

38. Partner with other churches in your community to raise money and advertise your Alpha on Facebook (1 billion daily active users!).

39. Partner with local events – wherever the people are, make sure Alpha is there. Raise money and hand out items with your Alpha course promo – gum, water bottles, sunscreen, etc. (Stay away from peanuts though)

40. Promote Alpha at your local university. Get creative! Think outside the box about the ways your church can raise the awareness of Alpha in your community.

More Ideas to Invite Guests to Alpha:

The #1 way to see guests come to your Alpha! (video)

5 Tips for Inviting Guests (PDF)

How do I download the promotional material?

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