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Where can I find Marriage Course information?
Where can I find Marriage Course information?

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To join The Marriage Course as a guest (online or in person), please click here.
To host The Marriage Course as a leader, please click here and/or read info below.

Q: Where can I find information about hosting a Marriage Course?

The Marriage Course videos are available for free online. In 2020, the series was revised and re-filmed, with updated teaching content, creative short clips, global stories, new sofa couples, and renowned experts. More info here.

Register a course on the Marriage Course Builder website to access the 7 weekly videos, training videos, promotional material, Leaders Guide, and Guest Journal for participants.

Q: Where can I find training to run The Marriage Course?

1 - Watch the 4-minute intro video to learn how to register your course and/or download the User Guide.

2 - Download the 7 Best Practices PDF to running The Marriage Course.

3 - Visit the Learning Centre to watch the 7 short video clips for top tips (see image below). Please log in first.

Q: Where can I download the videos and purchase the books?

When you register a course on the Marriage Course Builder, the weekly videos and guides will be free to download!

The Leader's Guide for course hosts is available as a PDF to download for free after you register a course (under the "Supporting Tools" tab). Or you can purchase a hardcopy through, Chapters Indigo, or your local bookstore.

The Guest Journal for each participant is available as a PDF to download with fillable blanks. If you prefer a hardcopy keepsake for couples, the books are available for purchase through,, HarperCollins or check with your local bookstore. To ensure you order the most updated products, please use the ISBNs below.

The weekly videos can be found under the "Session Materials" tab. The 7 videos are available in Burmese, Cantonese, Czech, Danish, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Kurdish, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Videos and additional resources are included in the "Supporting Tools" section:

Q: What are the approximate costs?

Everything you need to run The Marriage Course is available for free online. However, if you prefer hardcopy material, please use the ISBN #s below to make sure that you order the most updated products. When ordering materials through Chapters Indigo or, these are the approximate costs in Canadian dollars.

Marriage Course videos

Free online

Marriage Course Study Journal (for guests) One per person.


Free online

or purchase the books ($20)

Marriage Course Leader's Guide


Free online

or purchase the book ($20)

The Marriage Book (optional)



The Marriage Course Pack

(Pack includes the videos on DVD, 1 Leader's Guide, 2 Study Journals)



Q: What are the topics and running times?

The videos include 4-5 discussion breaks throughout each episode for couples to have private conversations. The detailed questions are in the Guest Study Journal. The times below include the video and discussion time.

  • Episode 1 - Strengthening Connection (1h 41m)

  • Episode 2 - The Art of Communication (1h 48m)

  • Episode 3 - Resolving Conflict (1h 44m)

  • Episode 4 - The Power of Forgiveness (1h 42m)

  • Episode 5 - The Impact of Family (1h 45m)

  • Episode 6 - Good Sex (1h 46m)

  • Episode 7 - Love in Action (1h 43m)

Q: Who is The Marriage Course for?

While The Marriage Course is based on Christian principles, it is designed for couples with or without a Christian faith. All couples are welcome to attend whether or not they have a Christian faith or any religious faith at all.

We are confident that all couples will find the courses relevant and helpful for their relationship whether they have been together for one year or ten+ years. It's a tune-up for strong relationships and a solid foundation for wobbly relationships.

Contact information:

Marriage Course Training

Please contact Coby & Rob Hogendoorn at Forest City Community Church in London, ON at They are happy to help leaders running The Marriage Courses in Canada!

Registration and technical issues

Questions about content

Please email the Global Marriage Team (UK) at

Questions about books & DVDs

Please email Tony Federici, Director of Religious Sales, HarperCollins Canada at

Donations for The Marriage Course

Please note: You will not receive a Canadian tax receipt. Only Canadian registered charities can issue official donation receipts that qualify for charitable tax credits.

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