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You can use these topic teasers in your social media, weekly email to guests, or as a PPT slide to let guests know what's coming up next week. Pique their curiosity and keep guests coming back!

Week 1 - Is There More To Life Than This?

  • Is Christianity boring? Untrue? Irrelevant?

  • What is the one thing we all need?

  • Dr. Francis Collins talks about science and faith

Week 2 - Who Is Jesus?

  • Is there historical evidence that Jesus really lived?

  • Was Jesus more than a great religious teacher?

  • Did Jesus' words and actions really line up?

Week 3 - Why Did Jesus Die?

  • What does the death of Jesus thousands of years ago have to do with me?

  • Is the concept of sin outdated? Subjective?

  • What's the link between forgiveness and freedom?

Week 4 - How Can I Have Faith?

  • Is faith just a blind leap or is there evidence for our faith?

  • What makes someone a Christian?

  • Do Christians believe in an event? A person? A feeling?

Week 5 - Why and How Do I Pray?

  • Why should we pray if God knows our thoughts?

  • Does God always answer our prayers?

  • Is there a right way & right time to pray?

Week 6 - Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

  • Are there contradictions in the Bible?

  • Is the Bible more than a book of do's and don'ts?

  • How does God speak to us through the Bible?

Week 7 - How Does God Guide Us?

  • Does God guide us or control our lives?

  • 5 ways that God speaks to us

  • How do we know it's God and not coincidence?

Alpha weekend: Intro / Who / What / How / Life

  • Is there a difference between God, Jesus, and the Spirit?

  • 6 ways the Holy Spirit impacts our lives today

  • What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit?

Week 8 - How Can I Resist Evil?

  • Is the devil a real being or evil in all of us?

  • What are some ways the devil attacks us?

  • 6 ways we can defend ourselves against the devil's tactics

Week 9 - Why and How Should I Tell Others?

  • What motivates Christians to share their faith?

  • Are Christians insensitive when talking about God?

  • Why are we too scared to talk about God's good news?

Week 10 - Does God Heal Today?

  • Does God really heal people supernaturally?

  • What does healing look like?

  • How do you pray for someone to be healed?

Week 11 - What About the Church?

  • Popular misconceptions about the church

  • Are Christians still killed for their faith in our world today?

  • Why are there so many different kinds of churches?

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