1 - If you're not logged in, you can browse through our videos on the Resources page. This is a public page for people to see if they want to run an Alpha or not.

2 - OR you can log in and see even more resources! You don't have to create an Alpha yet.  Once you're logged in, click on the "Preview Resources" section on the left-hand sidebar:

In the "Preview Resources" section you will find:

  • a brief overview of the different series available
  • the number of weeks each series takes to run
  • the number of sessions for each series
  • the languages each course is available in

Click on the arrow to activate the dropdown box with all the available languages for each series:

3 - After previewing the series, you can choose to register your Alpha right from this page. Just click the red "Run this Series" button and it will take you to the Create an Alpha page. 

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