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What are some ideas for the last Alpha session?
What are some ideas for the last Alpha session?

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Updated over a week ago

Traditionally, a Celebration Night or Wrap Party was a separate add-on night for guests to invite their friends and family to see what Alpha is all about and invite them to the next Alpha.

Many groups are now concluding with the "church" video and inviting guests one-on-one to the next Alpha when it's closer to the start date. The relational and personal invitation tends to be very effective.

Here are some ideas for the LAST Alpha session together:

  • Play one last icebreaker together (click here for ideas)

  • Watch the last "What about the church?" video

  • Have the senior pastor invite Alpha guests to Sunday service (5 min max)

  • Invite guests to share about their experience at Alpha. Allow plenty of time

  • Ask specific leaders & guests to fill in the Alpha Canada "Share Your Story" form

  • Provide Feedback Forms to your team and guests, digital or hardcopy (template can be found in the "materials" section, log in)

  • Share a few ways for Alpha guests to stay involved (Home groups, Bible studies)

  • Ask if the group would like to stay together and form a new Life Group

  • Help guests connect to Alpha Canada updates (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

  • Share info about your next Alpha (start date, time)

  • Encourage guests to invite one friend to the next Alpha*

  • Provide invitation postcards so guests can invite their friends to the next Alpha

  • Ask if any guests would like to be a helper on the next Alpha

  • Take a group picture (this is fun online too!)

  • Arrange a group Zoom chat in 2 weeks to see how everyone is doing
    (or an in-person coffee meeting with Alpha guests who are local)

  • Pray a short blessing over each guest before closing

"I'm always sharing my story so that people can see that I've experienced it. I understand what we're inviting them to. It's not something strange and foreign to us. It's something that has transformed my life and I believe it can transform their life too." (Tammy Giffen, NS from guest > helper > host > pastor)

"We try to do it [Alpha] three times a year. The tip of the spear in terms of people who invite tend to be either recent Alpha graduates or people who have come through this experience." (Rob Hogendoorn, Lead Pastor of Forest City Community Church in London, ON)

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