We have different types of training:

1 - Leader Training: These 3-minute video clips in the Learning Centre provide a brief overview of Alpha, the 7 best practices of Alpha, etc. They are not downloadable.

2 - Team Training:
The 3 team training videos are for you to download and watch with your whole team. The topics are Alpha Essentials, Small Groups and Prayer Ministry. 

Before you start your Alpha, watch the first 2 videos, and then a week before your Alpha Weekend or Day, watch the 3rd video on Prayer Ministry. Take some time to pray together.  Log in to My Alpha to access these videos in the "Materials" section.

3 - Regional Training Events:
Throughout the year, various churches host local training events to provide hands-on training and envisioning. Visit the Open Team Training page if you're interested in joining an event with your team!

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