It's best to register your Alpha on the website that serves your country each time you run Alpha so that you can get the most up-to-date resources and local support to run a great Alpha!  All the resources are free online and the videos are downloadable. 

There are lots of benefits:

1 - More Alpha guests: People in your community will be able to look for and find your Alpha on the website (unless you choose "no" to publish it online).

2 - Free advertising: Your Alpha will be listed free-of-charge on the website for guests: Canada | Global

3 - Free resources: We regularly update our promo material and videos which are all free because donors see how many Alphas are running, and they keep supporting us financially!

4 - Alpha News: You can stay in the loop with updates about new resources and upcoming events in your region.

5 - Weekly Top Tips: You will receive emails with info about resources you need for each specific week and links to videos & articles with best practices.

6 - Support Team: We have coaches and cohorts to serve and support you and you can ask any question using the chatbox bubble in the bottom right corner of the Alpha Canada website.

6 - Prayer support: We pray for all our teams before you start running Alpha, during, and after. We have a prayer network all across Canada who will pray over your team and guests!

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