It's best to register your Alpha on the website that serves your country, each time you run Alpha, so that you can get the most up-to-date resources and local support to run a great Alpha!  All the resources are free online and the videos are downloadable. 

There are lots of benefits:

  1. Free advertising: Your Alpha will be listed on the website: Canada | Global
  2. More Alpha guests: People in your community will be able to look for and find your Alpha on the website (unless you choose "no" to post online).
  3. Free resources! All our videos and materials are free because donors see how many Alphas are running and they keep supporting us financially!
  4. Alpha News: You can stay in the loop with updates about new resources and upcoming events in your region.
  5. Support Team: You will receive support from a friendly team of people using your country's digital system. Ask any question using the 'live chat' bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  6. Prayer support: We pray for all our teams before you start running Alpha, during, and after. We have a prayer network all across Canada who will pray over your team and guests!

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