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Pre-Marriage Couple Survey Info
Pre-Marriage Couple Survey Info

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The Couples Report can be accessed through The Marriage Builder website. Here are some instructions and screenshots below:

1 - Info about passwords & access

Upon opening the Couples Survey, each participant will be prompted to create a password for their survey. If a participant does not complete the survey in one go (it is long!), they will be prompted to re-enter the password in order to access the survey again.

Once both participants complete the Couples Survey, an email will be automatically generated to the Support Couple including a LINK to view the report. It is not attached to the email. You must click the LINK to view the report.

The Support Couple will need to create a username and password, and then they will have the ability to view the full report.

2 - Log in and verify your Marriage Builder Account

Before being able to view the full report, the Support Couple will be prompted to create an account on Marriage Builder. The Support Couple must use the SAME email address where the link was sent and set a password so either one of them could access the Report on Marriage Builder.

3 - Confidentiality & Privacy

Course Administrators, please review the report in Marriage Builder and do NOT save this report to your computer. The Couples Survey results will be deleted 30 days after the end of your course for privacy reasons.

The Report should never be shared with the participants. To review the training for Support Couples, please visit:

Q: How should we update individuals on the course?

We’ve prepared wording that you can use in your emails to update couples. Please see below:

*For couples waiting to start the survey (first time accessing):

Dear [Insert Participant Name],

Thank you for signing up for The Pre-Marriage Course. You will be sent a link to the Pre-Marriage Course Couple Survey in a separate email.

This Couple Survey will take around 20 to 30 minutes so please allow enough time to complete. The Couple Survey is password protected and after you click the link, you will be prompted to create a password in order to begin the survey.

Please note, you are to take this survey individually without consulting your partner and if possible, before the course begins.

After you have completed the Couple Survey, your Survey report will be sent to a support couple assigned to you and your partner and they will contact you to arrange for a meet-up, usually after The Pre-Marriage Course.

Your Couple Survey results will be deleted 60 days after the end of your course for privacy reasons.

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