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Pre-Marriage Couple Survey Info
Pre-Marriage Couple Survey Info

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If you have already registered your current Pre-Marriage Course, you can invite Guest Couples in the tab called "Couple Survey" and they will receive an email with the survey to complete.

1 - What is the Couple Survey?

The Couple Survey is an optional series of 150 questions to be completed by guests on The Pre-Marriage Course before the course begins. It is not a compatibility test. The purpose of the Couple Survey is to:

  • affirm areas of strength

  • highlight those issues the couple needs to discuss

  • help them make sure they are ready for marriage

  • provide a realistic view of what makes a marriage work

After the course, the couple will have a discussion with a designated Support Couple. The Couple Survey report guides the conversation, affirming areas of strength in the couple’s relationship and highlighting issues for discussion.

Please note: Couples do not receive the results of their Couple Survey. The link to the Couple Surveys expire 60 days after the last Pre-Marriage Course session.

2 - What’s a Support Couple?

Each couple on The Pre-Marriage Course is allocated a Support Couple. The requirements for Support Couples are simply that they:

  • are married

  • have completed The Marriage Course

  • are willing and available to host a couple (ideally in their home)

  • have been approved by someone with pastoral oversight (see the sample form that can be downloaded from the Course Builder for this signed approval)

During the evening, the Support Couple guides the guests in conversation using the findings of the Couple Survey which the guests would have completed before the start of the course. The Couple Survey report is very easy to use with suggested follow-up questions for the Support Couple to ask the guest couple to facilitate the discussion. Watch this brief intro video clip here.

3 - How does a guest use the Couple Survey?

If The Pre-Marriage Course is using the Couple Survey, the course organizer or coordinator will email the Couple Survey to guests to complete before the course begins.

Each partner should fill the Couple Survey out separately without consulting each other and then, after the course, they will have a scheduled appointment with a Support Couple who will go through the Couple Survey report with them both.

Couple Survey Training:

1 - In the "Supporting Tools" section, you will find 4 PDFs with suggested questions and sample surveys to read through.

2 - In the Learning Centre, click on the playlist called Support Couple Training to see the 5 training videos. Here is a screenshot to find the Learning Centre:

4 - I'm a leader and cannot access the Couple Survey link for my guest couple anymore.

Due to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we are only able to make Couple Surveys available for 60 days following the last session of the Pre-Marriage Course. Unfortunately, we are not able to extend this.

Pre-Marriage Course leaders and admins need to take this into consideration when organising the Support Couple meetings. Support Couples should also be reminded of this expiration.

For more information, please visit: The Pre-Marriage Course FAQ

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