Where do I find the video share link?

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1 - To find the video share link, please log in to MyAlpha and click into your current Alpha (white box).

2 - Then click on the video title that you need and a pop-up box should appear.
If you would like subtitles, choose from the dropdown box.

3 - Click on the "Share Link" and a Vimeo link will appear. Click on the little clipboard to copy the link.

4 - To paste the video link, press Control + V (or on your mouse, right-click and choose "paste") to drop the link into an email or message to send to your Alpha guests as needed.

This short clip will show you what to look for:

TOP TIP: It's best to watch the videos together at the same time. If a guest is late or missed a session, you can send them the video share link to watch the video on their own. Make sure you offer to connect with them if they have questions and/or ask them the following week for their feedback.

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