Please note: The Marriage Course series is an Alpha International product, and we do not have a Marriage Course rep in Canada, but we want to provide you with information that may be helpful.

Q: I heard there are new videos? When will they be released?

Yes! The new Marriage Course videos are now available (online only, no DVD yet)!
The series has been revised and re-filmed, with updated teaching content, creative short clips, global stories, new sofa couples, and renowned experts.

You can register your course on the Marriage Course Builder website, and purchase the resources from the Marriage Course Shop (online). These are separate links but you can find everything you need on the Global Marriage Course website:

Q: Where can I purchase and download the materials?

You can now purchase and download the videos from the Global Marriage Course website after registering a course.

Q: What other materials do I need to run The Marriage Course besides videos?

The Leaders Guide for course leaders is now available to purchase and download from the Global Marriage website (as of January 20, 2020).

The Study Journal for each guest is now available to purchase and download from the Global Marriage website. This is a grey-scale PDF (176-pages) but there will be a beautiful hard copy book available in Canada in May 2020 from

Q: What will be the approximate costs?

When ordering on the Global Marriage Course website. These are the approximate costs in Canadian dollars:
     The Marriage Course videos | $68.50
     The Marriage Course Leader’s Guide | $16.99
     The Marriage Course Study Journal | $22.50

Q: Are the topics the same?

The topics are similar but slightly different. The older Guest Manuals will not be compatible with the new videos. Here are the topics of the new videos:
     Strengthening Connection (47 min)
     The Art of Communication (53 min)
     Resolving Conflict (50 min)
     The Power of Forgiveness (47 min)
     The Impact of Family (51 min)
     Good Sex (52 min)
     Love in Action (49 min)

Q: When is the best time to run The Marriage Course in 2020?

We recommend that you run The Marriage Course after May 2020 when all the physical books will be available for purchase in Canada on This will provide the best experience for your guests, and they can take home the Study Journal as a future reference.

**The new Pre-Marriage Course videos, Leaders Guide and Study Journal are also available online from the Global Marriage website.

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