Q: What is The Pre-Marriage Course?

The Pre-Marriage Course is a series of five sessions to help engaged couples or those exploring the possibility of marriage, build strong foundations for their future together. The topics covered are: Communication, Conflict, Commitment, Connection, Adventure.

This course was developed by Nicky and Sila Lee, authors of The Marriage Book, to help couples invest in their relationship for a lasting marriage.

Q: Who is The Pre-Marriage Course for?

The Pre-Marriage Course is for couples who are exploring the idea of getting married and for those who are already engaged. It’s designed for those who want to give their marriage the best possible start, whether they’re exploring marriage for the first time or have been married before.

The course is based on Christian principles but designed for all couples with or without a church background. You do not need to be getting married in a church to take the course. Find a course here.

Q: What can couples expect on the course?

On The Pre-Marriage Course, you and your partner are hosted by a married couple, either online or in person. Each couple’s discussions are completely private.

Each course is unique, but an in-person session includes food, a practical talk, and a time for discussion between you and your partner. Background music ensures that you can chat in complete privacy. You will never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner.

Prior to the start of the course or during the first few sessions, you may be asked to take the online Couples Survey. This is a questionnaire and not a test of compatibility! It is designed to help you and your partner highlight issues that are important to discuss before getting married. It also affirms areas of strength in your relationship. Usually couples are NOT given a copy of the survey results and results are deleted 60 days after the course ends.

Q: Who can run The Pre-Marriage Course?

We believe that anyone who has a desire to see relationships strengthened, has experience of working at their own marriage and enjoys hosting couples can run a course. You do not need to have a perfect marriage (no one does!) or be an expert to run it. People who are single can also run the course for couples. We have a number of short training videos that will take you through how to run The Pre-Marriage Course. Register your course on the Marriage Course Builder to access the training videos.

Q: How do I get started with running The Pre-Marriage Course?

To get started running your course, please visit The Marriage Courses website where you will find more information. To access and download all the materials to help run your course, please register your course at Marriage Course Builder.

There are only a few resources you need to run The Pre-Marriage Course:

The Pre-Marriage Course episodes – free online and/or purchase the DVD

Two Guest Journals per couple

The Pre-Marriage Course Leaders’ Guide

Couple Survey (optional)

Support Couples’ training videos (if using the Couple Survey)

And we recommend you watch our training videos. To access these materials, register your course on the Marriage Course Builder.

Info taken from https://themarriagecourse.org/try/the-pre-marriage-course

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