Alpha leaders can add team members' emails into the "Team" section of your Alpha so they will have access to the videos, small group questions, promo material and more! To add team members, here are the steps:

1 - Login and click on your current Alpha
2 - Go to the "Team" tab
3 - Click "Invite team members"
4 - Add their email address (separate multiple emails with a comma)

You can see "pending" invitations if they have not accepted your invitation yet, and you can resend the invite or remove the team member:

Your team member will then receive an email with an invitation to join your Alpha. Once they click on the button in the email "Login to MyAlpha" they'll be asked to create a Team Member account if they don't already have one.

Team Members can:

  • download weekly small group discussion questions
  • view the weekly Alpha schedule that you customized
  • preview each week's Alpha video to get prepared
  • download and customize promotional resources
  • watch the 3 team training videos if they missed the group session

Team members cannot create, delete or edit any Alphas when you're logged in as a team member. Only Course Administrators can do this so if you see any issues with your Alpha (eg. wrong dates), please contact your Alpha leader and ask if they can update the Alpha.

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