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7 Good Practices to Running an Online Alpha
7 Good Practices to Running an Online Alpha

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The Complete Guide to Running Alpha Online provides an A-Z walkthrough of our best learnings. In addition, the Alpha Online playlist in the Learning Centre includes short video clips that are about 2-4 minutes long.

Be sure to log in first and then click on the titles below.

  • Communicate before Alpha starts

  • Introduction & technical info

  • Invitation to share right away

  • Messages in the chat window

  • Clear & close up faces

  • Creative hospitality

  • (Download the 5 Tips for Inviting Guests pdf)

  • Roles covered in the video:
    o MC to host, intro & transitions
    o Hosts & helpers
    o Technical helper
    o Prayer Team

  • (Click here to download the Team Roles pdf)

  • (Click here to download the Team Guidelines pdf)

  • Connect with your team each week

  • Team Training videos (Essentials, Small Groups, Prayer Ministry)

  • Introductions and names

  • Connecting with icebreaker questions (general or by week)

  • Importance of Alpha helpers

  • Tips for engaging conversation

  • Two formats (screen share & watch together or share link & watch on own)

  • Top tips for technical issues

  • Necessity of all the Alpha talks

  • Power and dependence on God

  • Prayer with your team

  • Case study: Church in Malaysia shares their model

  • Saturday (2.5 hrs) 10:30 am - 1 pm

  • Included small group discussion

  • Invitation to become a Christian

  • Walkthrough of prayer ministry

  • (Click here to download the pdfs: For Guests | For Teams)

  • Opportune time in history

  • Vulnerability in virtual space

  • Availability and comfort for guests


  • Tips for engaging conversation

  • 4 tips for hosts and helpers

  • 3 group guidelines (P.R.E.)

  • 3 common challenges for Alpha small groups

  • Tips before you post info online

  • Communicating with guests

  • 5 things to avoid

  • (Click here to download the pdf: Zoom Security)

Please log in to MyAlpha and click on the "Learning Centre" to access these resources and the other modules to run a great Alpha!

If you have questions about anything at all, please send us a message through the chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of our website, or email us at and we'd be happy to help you!

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