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Where can I find Parenting Courses information?
Where can I find Parenting Courses information?

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If you'd like to join a Parenting Course as a guest, please click here.

(This list includes Marriage & Parenting Courses.)

1 - To register and run The Parenting Course, please visit the Global Marriage Course website and click on "run" (log in here).

2 - The Parenting Course videos are available for free when you register your course on Marriage Builder.

Please note: The Parenting Course videos were produced in 2011 and the resolution quality is quite poor (images are blurry compared to what we're used to now). Instead, we highly recommend The Marriage Course and The Pre-Marriage Course (the videos, Leaders Guide, Couples Journal are all free!).

3 - To purchase materials for The Parenting Courses, please visit or or ask your local Christian bookstore to order the products for you. Here are the product codes to look for when ordering online:

The Parenting CHILDREN Course
9781933114415    The Parenting Children Course Guest Manual
9781933114408   The Parenting Children Course Leaders Guide
The Parenting TEENAGERS Course
9781933114712   The Parenting Teenagers Course Guest Manual
9781933114422  The Parenting Teenagers Course Leaders Guide 

If you are looking for church childcare policies and guidelines, please contact your church leadership and/or refer to third-party resources (eg. Plan to Protect®).

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