Where can I find booklets to give away?

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Here are 3 popular booklets that many churches provide for free to Alpha guests. This is completely optional. You can purchase them through your local Christian bookstore, Chapters Indigo, and Amazon.ca. Please see notes below for bulk orders and more!

Why Jesus? booklet (approx $4.99)
ISBN 9781938328916

Why Easter? booklet (approx $4.99)
ISBN 9781938328909

Why Christmas? booklet (approx $4.99)

ISBN 9781938328923

The Alpha Guest Guide includes the key points for each week, Bible verses covered in the video, and a list of books about various Christian topics in the "Recommended Reading" section (more info here).

Discount for Alpha bulk buys

If you're ordering 20+ items of an Alpha book or DVD, please contact Tony:

Missing Alpha product?

If you don't find the Alpha product on the Chapters Indigo website or Amazon.ca website, please contact Tony (info above).

Alpha in local bookstores

If you would like specific Alpha books or DVDs in stock at your local bookstore, please contact Mark:

Free booklets in MyAlpha!

If you are currently running an Alpha, you have full access to these booklets in PDF format. Look for them in the "Series Materials" section:

Questions of Life booklets by Nicky Gumbel
Searching Issues booklets (7 most commonly asked questions on Alpha)
Why Jesus? booklet by Nicky Gumbel

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