We provide promotional resources for you to inspire your church as well as promo to invite potential Alpha guests. You can print the smaller invites on a good quality printer, or send them to your local print shop for higher quality. 

Alpha leaders and team members can log in and download all the promo! 

We provide the following material for free online:

Promote to Guests
Invitation Cards (2 mini, 4 postcard size)
Church Website Promo (images, videos)
Alpha Session Slides (images for each weekly episode)
Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, video clips)
Signage (4 posters, 8 banners)

Promote to Church
For Sunday Service (Guide & Script, PPT slides, images)
Promo Videos (Who will you invite? Real life stories, etc)
Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, video clips)
Prayer Card
Signage (4 posters, 8 banners)
(This is "Promote to Group" for youth courses.)

Alpha Logo (jpg, png, eps)
Alpha Branding Guidelines

Please note: Alpha Canada does not sell or distribute promotional materials. We provide the assets (some are customizable) and you can send them to your local print shop for a professional look!

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