If you're on an Alpha team, please ask your Alpha leader to add you as a team member so you'll have access to all the promo videos, guest invitations and more! Alpha leaders need to register a course in order to have access to the resources.

(Scroll down to find out the #1 best way to invite guests to Alpha!)

To invite guests & inspire your church:

1 - Log in and click into the white box that has your Alpha name. This will take you to the next page.

2 - Click on the "Promote" tab and choose from the tabs at the top:
Promote to Church / Promote to Guests / Logo

3 - Download the promo resource and save it to your computer OR for videos, use the video share link!


We provide the following promo material in the Promote section:

Promotional material for Guests

Log in to download Alpha guest invitation cards, weekly session slides, social media images for your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, videos about Alpha, posters and banners.

Promotional material for your Church

Log in to download Alpha PPT slides, video stories, social media images for your church Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, 11:02 prayer cards, posters and banners,

Feel free to create your own Alpha promotional material if we don't have something you need. Log in to access the Alpha Logo (jpg, png, eps) & Alpha Branding Guidelines. (more info here)

Please note: Alpha Canada does not sell or distribute banners or posters. We provide the assets and you are welcome to use them for social media or on your church website, print them at your church, or send them to your local print shop for a professional look.

Inviting Guests to Alpha:

The #1 way to see guests come to your Alpha! (video)

5 Tips for Inviting Guests (PDF)

Go through the Life Shared Series with your whole church first!

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