The Questions of Life and Searching Issues books are free online in My Alpha or you could purchase hardcopies at one of our distributors listed below.

Digital Format: You can find each chapter as individual PDFs when you log in to My Alpha. If you have a current Alpha registered, just follow these steps:
     1. Log in to My Alpha
     2. Click into your current Alpha (white box)
     3. Click on the "Series Material" tab
     4. Scroll down to "Other Helpful Documents"
     5. Download the zip file and save it to your computer
Now you can share the PDFs with your Alpha guests! Some Alpha leaders email each PDF to their small group guests after the corresponding session. Other churches print off a few copies and provide them for guests to take if they want to after the session. Feel free to share these according to your context.


Hardcopy Format:  To purchase hard copy books, please check with, Parasource, or your local Christian bookstore. Here are the book ID numbers for ordering them.

Searching Issues (approx $16)
SKU: 9781938328794

Questions of Life (approx $16)
SKU: 9781938328787


The topics covered in Questions of Life are the same topics that are covered in the Alpha videos (Who is Jesus? Why did He die? Does God heal today? etc).

The topics covered in the Searching Issues book are as follows:

  • Why does God allow suffering?
  • What about other religions?
  • Is there a conflict between science and Christianity?
  • What about the new spirituality?
  • Does religion do more harm than good?
  • Is the Trinity unbiblical, unbelievable, and irrelevant?

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