Busy schedules are a part of life, so if someone misses an Alpha session, you can send the "video share link" to your guest, and they can watch the Alpha video when they have time. Be sure to follow up with them to see if they have any questions. Here are the steps to find the video share link:

1 - Log in to MyAlpha and click into your current Alpha (white box),
2 - Click on the "Series Materials" tab at the top.

3 - Click on the Alpha video title that you need and a pop-up box should appear.
4 - Choose the video language and/or subtitles using the dropdown box.

5 - After you click on the "share link" you will see a private Vimeo link to copy and send to your Alpha guests!

Remember, Alpha is best experienced with other people, so wherever possible, include a time of discussion whenever the talks are shared.

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