There are a few options to access the small group discussion questions in the Alpha Team Guide:

1. Share this mobile link with your Alpha Team if you want to save paper and money: Alpha Team Guide (the small group questions are in this booklet)

2. Alpha leaders can log in and print the small group questions for each week from the "materials" section. 

You can also add team members in My Alpha ("team" section) so everyone has access to the discussion questions, training videos, Alpha talks, etc.

3. Team members will then receive an email with a private Team Page with access to the small group questions, training videos, and Alpha talks to preview. If you lose the link to that page, you can find it in the emails we'll send you with top tips each week!

4. You can purchase a hardcopy booklet from, Parasource, or from your local Christian bookstore (approx. $12).

For the Alpha Youth Series, the small group questions are in the Discussion Guide which is available in My Alpha to print, or your team can follow along on their mobile devices at

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