The Alpha videos are free to download and save to your computer or to a flash drive. This will eliminate any internet, wifi or buffering issues. You'll find the videos in the "Series Materials" section after you log in. Our videos are available in SD or HD.

SD (standard definition) is a smaller file, so it will take up less room to store on your computer and it will download faster. The quality and colours on the screen are fairly good but the dimensions are smaller. This will work if you're watching the videos on a laptop (but not projecting it). Our SD videos are under 300 MB on average.

HD (high definition) is a larger file with higher quality images and sharper colours. The dimensions are also larger so it will fit on a bigger screen. This format will provide a better viewing experience and sound quality on a large screen or modern TV. Our HD videos are 400-800 MB on average.
 Note: SD files are required for most iPads.

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