You can create an Alpha in 3 simple steps!
 Step 1 -  Log in using your email address to create an Alpha Builder account. You can preview all the resources with an account!

 Step 2 - Click on “Create an Alpha” in the top right-hand corner of the page. 

 Step 3 - Go through the questions and fill out your Alpha details. Make sure you enter your Alpha start date to access and download all the materials you need. The questions look like this:

** If your start date isn't confirmed yet, add an estimate date and click "no" to publish your Alpha online. You can change your start date anytime, and click "yes" to publish it online when you're ready to promote your Alpha.

Alpha Builder will recommend the best video series for your audience, based on the info you chose. Click on "Get Started" and you're ready to set up the rest of your info!

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