If your Alpha isn’t showing up on the “Find an Alpha” page, let’s check a few things:

1 - Do you have a current Alpha registered? If not, please log in and create a new Alpha.

2 - If you are running Alpha online, be sure to click the option for "This is an online Alpha." This will indicate that your Alpha is run online on the tryalpha.ca page.

3 - Did you fill out all the details under "Publish to Guests" in "edit Alpha details?"
Make sure you type in your Alpha's contact email & phone # and then click on the circle "publish to Alpha." This will add your Alpha on the tryalpha.ca page!

4 - Did you choose the correct time range: starting in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months

5 - Did you enter a proper Canada Post address? If you added a description beside the address (eg. "go to basement"), Google Maps will not recognize it. You can add these details in the notes section below the map.

Please note: it takes approximately 30 minutes for a new Alpha to be processed and to show up on the "Find an Alpha" page. Thanks for your patience!

 If you are still unable to see your Alpha, please let us know by live chat, email or phone us at 1-800-743-0899 and we'd be happy to help you!

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