The Alpha Intro Night or Launch Party will look different depending on your context. Usually there is no small group discussion on the first night, but the rest of the elements are the same. 

Guests can enjoy a welcoming atmosphere and casual conversation during the meal time or over simple snacks. The Intro Night is all about getting to know people in a relaxed setting. Then after the meal, the first Alpha talk is presented.

There is a Sign Up Form in the My Alpha Toolbox for leaders to print out and for guests to fill out. This form provides options to attend Alpha next week: yes, no, not sure yet. It also asks info such as dietary restrictions and age range, so Alpha leaders can organize next week's small groups according to age. Be creative and have fun with your Launch Party!

Please note: The Alpha Team Guide includes icebreaker questions for the intro session. You can either use these on the first night, or wait until the next week when you put people into small groups. Either option is fine!

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