Please note: The Parenting Course series is an Alpha International product, and we do not have a Parenting Course rep in Canada, but we want to provide you with information that may be helpful.

For more info about running The Parenting Course, please visit the Global Marriage Course website, click on "Run" and use the dropdown box to choose "The Parenting Courses."

(Or click on "Find a course" if you'd like to participate in a Parenting Course near you!)

To purchase materials for The Parenting Courses, please visit or ask your local Christian bookstore to order the products for you. Here are the product codes to look for when ordering online:

The Parenting CHILDREN Course

191091557211       The Parenting Children Course Disc 1 Talks 1-3
191091579992     The Parenting Children Course Disc 2 Talks 4-5
9781933114415    The Parenting Children Course Guest Manual
9781933114408   The Parenting Children Course Leaders Guide
The Parenting TEENAGERS Course

191091581216     The Parenting Teenagers Course Disc 1 Talks 1-3
191091581230    The Parenting Teenagers Course Disc 2 Talks 4-5
9781933114712   The Parenting Teenagers Course Guest Manual
9781933114422  The Parenting Teenagers Course Leaders Guide 

Optional Reading:
9781934564516   The Parenting Book North American Edition

Other Helpful Material:

The Parenting Children Course Feedback Form
The Parenting Children Course Promo Poster
The Parenting Teenagers Course Promo Poster
The Parenting Teenagers Course Feedback Form

If you still have questions, please contact the Global Marriage Team at

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