The Learning Centre is a place to find newly added materials and it will be updated regularly. You can find this section on the left-hand sidebar underneath your active Alphas!

1 - In the Learning Modules, you'll find:
     - Alpha 101 videos
     - The 7 Best Practices videos
     - Ministry on Alpha videos
     - Student-led videos
     - Helpful Articles (eg. Running Alpha for Seniors, Workplace, ESOL etc.)

You can see the running time and estimate reading time to go through these materials and the percentage of completion.

2 - The Search bar allows you to search for specific or general videos and articles.

This search bar is the same as the one found on the left-hand sidebar, so you can use either one to search for Series Materials and Promotional Materials too.

3 - The bottom section highlights Popular Articles and Videos from the Learning Modules. 

  • Popular Videos are a selection of the most-viewed videos in Canada.
  • Popular Articles are the most-viewed and read Learning Articles in Canada.
  • Categories are shortcuts to find all the Learning Modules connected to a specific topic / category, such as prayer or leadership. These are great if you just want to focus on one thing, such as prayer before the Weekend Away.

Please note:  There are also on-site training events throughout the year hosted by various churches to provide hands-on training and envisioning. Visit the Open Team Training page if you're interested in joining an event with your team!

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