Team Members have access to Alpha resources!

If you're a team member, please make sure your Alpha Course Administrator adds you to the MyAlpha team list! Once they have invited you, you will receive an email inviting you to join that specific Alpha. Please click on the link in the email and you'll be prompted to create an account with a few simple steps. Bookmark or save this link to log in to MyAlpha anytime:

What do I have access to in a Team Member Account?

1 - RESOURCES: After you've logged in, click into the white box with the name of your Alpha. This will open up the next page with resources (same content as your Alpha leader). Click on each tab to open up a different page:

  • What's Next: video & discussion questions you need for the upcoming week
  • Schedule: see dates for your training sessions & weekly Alpha meetings
  • Promote: download guest invitations, social media images, videos, etc.
  • Materials: watch Team Training videos, download Host & Helper guidelines, etc.

2 - LEARNING CENTRE: After logging in, you'll see a black sidebar on the left-hand side of your page. Click on the "Learning Centre" to see all the modules. We have info about running an Online Alpha (tips for leaders, zoom tutorial) and more!

3 - WEEKLY EMAILS:  As a team member, you will receive a weekly email with resources for your next Alpha session as long as your Alpha is running. These emails are based on the dates that your Alpha leader chose in the online schedule. If the dates are incorrect, please contact your Alpha leader and they can adjust or update the Schedule.

  • Please note that Alpha for Youth team members do NOT receive a weekly email.

4 - ACCOUNT DETAILS: Click on your profile icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the page. Then click on the tabs at the TOP to edit your profile, change your password, and choose your email notifications.

What don't Team Members have access to?

Team members cannot delete or edit current Alphas, and they cannot invite other team members. Only Course Administrators can do this. Please make sure that you discuss with your team who will be the primary Alpha leader so that you don't create duplicate Alphas.

* Please note: If you are a Course Administrator, please do not add yourself as a Team Member. That will change your access level and you will no longer have access to leader features.

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