Only the primary Alpha leader needs to create an Alpha each season (not team members). Here are the steps to create an Alpha:
Step 1 -  Log in using your email address (or create an account if not done yet).

Step 2 - Register your Alpha course by clicking on the red "Create an Alpha" button on the black sidebar on the left-hand side or in the middle of the page:

Step 3 - Answer a few basic questions about your Alpha such as:
Who is your Alpha for? Is your Alpha online, in person, both?

Step 4 - The next step is to fill in details about your Alpha (start date, contact etc). If you're running an Online Alpha, here are some tips:

LOCATION: If your Alpha is online, please add the city & province.

CHURCH: Type in your church name (even if you're running Alpha on your own or at home). This helps us know what church you usually attend, virtually or in person.

You can still edit this after you've created your Alpha.

Step 5 - Invite people to your Alpha!
If your Alpha is open to everyone, be sure to fill out the "Publish to Guests" section so that people can find the info on the Try Alpha page and sign up. Then you can send them the "share link" to your online Alpha. Remember to click the circle at the bottom!

Once you're happy with all the details, click "Create Alpha" at the bottom of the page and you'll see a page with all your resources. Now you'll have access to all the Alpha videos, training videos, small group questions, guest handouts and more. It's all free online! 

Running TWO Alphas at the same time?

If you're running Alpha in different languages, please create a separate Alpha for each language. For instance, if you're running an Alpha in English and Farsi, please create TWO Alphas. Then you will have the full package of resources for each language. 

If you're ready to log in and register your Alpha, click here:

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