Alpha videos are available with subtitles in over 50 languages (and dubbed in some languages, too).

1 - Currently, Alpha videos are available in Canada in the following languages (either dubbed or with subtitles):

2 - If you already have an Alpha created, log in and click on the "Series Materials" tab at the top. Then click on a video title and use the dropdown arrow to choose the language for your subtitles. Here is what it looks like if you picked "English" audio as your preferred language.

3 - If you are the primary Alpha leader and have not created an Alpha, please log in and click on "Create an Alpha." Then look for the language in the list under "see more languages." If the language is not in the list, then we do not provide Alpha in that language (yet!). It looks like this:

NOTE: If you are running one Alpha in two languages, please create TWO Alphas (eg. one Alpha in English and one in Farsi). This way you'll receive all the corresponding materials in that specific language!

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