After you've created your Alpha, you'll see 5 tabs which indicate the next steps. Here are some tips to help you save time and organize a worry-free Alpha:

  1. DASHBOARD: You'll see your most current Alphas at the top, with the Learning Modules and materials at the bottom. This is an overview of what's coming up next for your team!

  2. SCHEDULE: Customize the online schedule so that the dates match up with each week of your Alpha. When your Alpha ends, it will move to the archives and you can create a new Alpha for the next one.

  3. TEAM: Add your teams' emails, so they can access the Alpha Team Page and related resources. They can preview the talks, download promo, and review the small group questions.

  4. SERIES MATERIALS: Download the 3 team training videos and meet with your team to watch & discuss them. Download the weekly Alpha talks and save the videos to your computer (or flash drive) for later access. Print out the team and guest handouts as needed.

  5. PROMOTE: Encourage your whole church to participate in inviting people to Alpha. We have guest invitations, social media images, banner images and promo videos in this section online.

    Now that you've set up your Alpha, grab a coffee and take a few minutes to go through the Leader Training videos, specifically for the primary Alpha leader. This will give you a framework for how Alpha works best!

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