At the end of your first Alpha night, guests can fill out the Sign up form so you can get an idea of who your guests are. You can download this from the My Alpha Toolbox. The form collects info like age range, dietary needs, group preference and can help you put people into groups of 6-8 people, usually by age.

Here are some things to consider when putting people into groups:

  • Age: guests in the same age range tend to connect better
  • People they already know; put them together with friends or family
  • Are there an equal number of males and females in each group?
  • Which host or helper would they would connect with best?

These guidelines are explained in the Leader Training video called "Open Discussion" in the Learning Centre. Check it out for more info!

  • Alpha for Youth material doesn't include this form because all the guests are usually in the same age range already (teens). But if you'd like, you can download and use this Sign up Form to find out info about their other preferences.

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